Day two and counting…

Day two and counting…

The past 24 hours have been some of the most awe inspiring of my life. I wrote a letter to my Prime Minister, requesting him to resolve a situation that has been twisting my State inside out. We had just buried our Chief Minister, an immensely popular and admired leader of several decades standing, in circumstances that have left many of us mired in questions. I knew that I echoed the voices of many when I requested our Prime Minister to give us clarity on what happened and why, but the sheer magnitude of the number of voices that have been raised alongside mine have left me stunned.

Voices belonging to people of all walks of life and genders. People who are followers of our late CM and those who are not. People who simply admire her strength, courage and determination to triumph against all odds. People who are ordinary citizens pursuing their everyday lives. And people who simply need to see the right thing done. These voices have risen in a chorus that is deafening in volume but crystal clear in its message.

“We need answers. We need to know.”

Not knowing is a terrible thing. It leaves a vacuum in our understanding of the world around us. And if we are to heal and move forward from this trauma as a people, we need to understand. We need to know. In today’s world, we have seen various forms of protest and demand on larger social issues, but I am stunned and moved by the nature and intensity of this request. In a potentially volatile situation like this, I am made proud beyond words at the reason, passion and yet, restraint, of those who have joined their voices to this call. A call that has ahimsa at its core. Right from school days we have been taught that ahimsa is defined as non-violence and I believe it can also be defined as a way of taking positive action to bring about positive change.

Having the right and the freedom to raise our voices in query is one of the most important pillars of a democracy. The right to know. The need to know. Knowledge and information that give us the confidence and security that the democratic processes of our nation are working as they should and all is well with our world. I believe that it is so in my country and I believe that we have leaders who uphold our traditions of democratic governance.

So, Honourable Prime Minister, sir, we wait. A state and her people wait for your answer. One that we are confident we will receive from you and one that will lay to rest all the questions plaguing us now.

Thank you, sir, with deepest respects and trust

Gautami Tadimalla





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